Back to the Bush - Another Year in the Wild

James Hendry, an ex-game ranger, lodge manager and researcher, takes his ten years of experience in the industry and combines it into his witty second novel…While the setting and characters are fictitious, there is still a depth and a realness to the situations that are covered throughout the novel. If you are looking for a light-hearted, easy read, and are a fan of Spud, Back to the Bush is a definite must read. Highway Mail, 31/01/2014.

The hilarious misadventures continue. I LOVE the venomous, intellectual wit of James Hendry, and in the sequel to A year in the wild he returns with even more perfect poison in his pen. Stephanie Saville, The Witness, 20/01/14.

A year in the wild 

‘Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. Dubbed ‘A Riotous Novel’ on its zany front cover, James Hendry’s A year in the wild is a tongue-in-cheek romp though a year in the lives of brothers and arch-enemies Hugh and Angus MacNaughton…A cast of unashamedly stereo-typed characters (both guests and staff), and the brothers behind the scenes accounts poke fun at the goings on at luxury bush lodges. There are moments of poignancy that balance out the mood, while snippets of bush lore and animal behaviour add factual interest…[by the end] you’ll have had such a good laugh. Send this as a gift to family and friends overseas – they’ll yearn to return.' Andrea Abbot – Country Life.

‘Two brothers, a year at Sasekile Private Game Lodge and a series of weekly emails to their sister Julia proves to be an entertaining read. A year in the wild by James Hendry will have you laughing and cringing at the brothers’ experiences with guests, animals and female staff in the African bush…it’s well worth a read.’ Leisure options.

Whatever you do, don't run

‘…With its many delightful anecdotes and hard facts about the bush and wild animals, this little book is a gem. We also learn that the job of a game ranger is not all glamour and romance – there can be real danger and hardship too.’ Dr John Ledger – Endangered Wildlife 58/2006.

‘I love it when books exceed expectations…my favourite story is undoubtedly James Hendry’s Tracker. His descriptions of the taciturn Elvis had me in stitches…Whatever you do don’t run is a must have book if you love the outdoors…’ Cape Times, 28/09/2006