The outlandish concept of paying for music

The outlandish concept of paying for music

 If you find someone who doesn't love music, they are an android and not to be trusted. All humans derive joy from the combination of notes and rhythms. It's the wildly disparate way that music's 12 notes and infinite beats are mixed together that provide the sonic resonances that we call our favourite songs. No two people's playlists of top ten songs pirated from the internet will be the same – sure there'll be some commonality amongst people of similar demographics, but very few will be identical.   

On the Fugitive's trail...would you cut off a chicken's head?

 This one I write from a balcony overlooking the valley of the Buffalo River at Fugutive's Drift Lodge – halfway between the battlefields of Isandlwana (where the 24th Welsh Regiment received a stuffing at the hands of the Zulu army under Ntshingwayo) and Rorke's Drift (where a full Zulu regiment took a pasting from a small knot of brave Welshmen).

Fugitive's Drift is not really on the way to anywhere in particular. ...

The beginning

A blog seems like a very large piece of narcissism that presumes you are interesting enough for people give a shit about what you think about the world. In the case of the Huffington Post, Obama, Gareth or Julius (if he had one), this may be true. In my case - and those of thousands of others - it is probably not. In order to maintain some sort of personal brand however, apparently a blog is important. So this is where my slightly sarcastic pearls of wisdom will be found - with any luck on a weekly basis. 

Have a nice day.