I’ve been speaking since I was roughly 11 months old. Mainly I asked for food back then.

My speech has become slightly more sophisticated in the intervening years.

My current talk is called the Optimistic Cynic. It is an honest, slightly controversial look at sex and race from a biological and environmental point of view in order to make people think a differently about their prejudices (more details here).

Otherwise, my treatise is an irreverent, humorous and self-deprecating look at the process of how I became a game ranger and a writer – two of the things I was never supposed to. With this framework, I look at how being in the wilderness and writing have allowed me to answer questions about myself that I don’t believe would have been possible any other way.

I make no attempt to apply what I say to a business or boardroom context (mainly because I find this sort of thing deeply nauseating). The talk is aimed at suggesting some tools for self-examination but without any attempt at preaching. (There are enough preachers out there without me adding to the confusion). 

Where have I spoken?

I’ve spoken to various school groups, literary festivals, bookclubs, lunch clubs and societies including DARTS, the Franschoek Literary Festival, St John’s College, Hilton College, Westville Girls College, various Writer’s Write events and the Johannesburg Country Club.