Well hello there...

Hello. I’m James Hendry. Thanks for visiting this site. If you are here by mistake, it is probably because you are bored doing something like work so read on, you might have a laugh - or find something that I might do for you. At the very least have a listen to some tunes while you browse. 

The point of this site is flagrant self-promotion. Apparently these days, one has to have a personal brand. This is my attempt at self-branding and sales.

At present, I am a wildlife TV presenter but I am also a writer (two and a bit books, various articles), a musician, a speaker. My training was in biology, conservation and human development (masters degree). I am inspired by the wilderness and fascinated by why we are, who we are, how we are. 


WHo am I?

I’d like to be a renaissance man. That means I want to know and do a lot of things in lots of different fields. (A bit like Leonardo Da Vinci although I'll probably not design a chopper or paint a dodgy-looking woman with creepy eyes).

Right now I 'work' as a wildlife presenter for Wild Earth (contracted to Nat Geo Wild) where I present live wildlife TV specials to American television and take twice daily live safaris for a large internet audience. Check it out -  its the ultimate in wildlife entertainment, live, unedited and completely authentic. 

I also spend a good deal of time recording music, shooting and editing video and writing. 

So that, in a nutshell, is who I am at the moment.

For those who find these things important, I have a masters in development studies from Cape Town University and an honours in wildlife science from the kwaZulu-Natal University.

My working life has been varied. It began at the Spur - a lamentable South African steakhouse franchise. This was a mercifully short three week experience for which my character was ill-suited - the manager did not appreciate my theatrical introduction to patrons as 'Big Chief Running Bear'. After university I spent eight years at various game lodges in southern Africa working as a ranger, ranger trainer, head ranger, land manager, researcher, lodge manager and entertainer. All of these because they allowed me to live in the wild.

I like to play the guitar, run, sing, drink good scotch, read books, swim in the sea, watch rugby and play golf. (The last of these is the most farcical part of my existence). I speak passable isiZulu, Xitsonga (Shangane) and appalling Afrikaans. I’ve written and co-written three books.