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My earliest memories of music come from nursery rhymes (nothing unusual there). But then those are sort of foisted on us. After that I developed a slightly eclectic taste in notes, chords, lyrics and how they fit together. On the way to school in the mornings we listened to military music and pipe bands. My father introduced me to Joan Baez, and Irish folk music, my mum to Dylan and Rock 'n Roll. The first album I owned (pirated of course) was Aha’s Scoundrel Days (the one with The sun always shines on TV and Taaaaake oooooon meeeee, taaaake meeeee ooooon).

I sang at school and took up the guitar when I was 14. I did classical guitar for a long time and then learned to play a few chords and some songs.  I first played in a band at school – we performed Twist and shout through a buggered PA system, ball dragging voices and many pimples. 

Then I learned to play a whole lot more songs. Then I wrote quite a few songs, the first ones utterly forgettable odes to whatever infatuation occupied my heart at the time. A few of us played in a band at university and dressed very badly.

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These days I play whenever the opportunity presents - birthdays, weddings, charity events and funerals (well, I've done one bizarre send-off). I play a mix of covers (Johnny Clegg, Pink Floyd, Dave Matthews, Ryan Adams and many others) and original stuff (which you can find on this very site - just look to the left). My performances can be simple background music or theatrical tomfoolery ending with people leaping about the place and breaking tables - it just depends on the vibe.