I play the guitar and sing at weddings (down the aisle or during drinks), birthdays, office parties, fireside melees, informal cage fights and whenever I can find people to listen to me. If you give me enough warning, I’ll learn a few of the songs that you’d particularly like to hear *. 

I can also be commissioned to write pieces for film or whatever else you might like to have some music for (e.g. corporate videos, promos or your mother's 50th birthday etc.). These can be pieces ranging from rock, to folk, to orchestral, to electronic etc ... Have a listen to the tunes on this for an idea of my style. 

Music should be free but ...

Rates for gigs:

All rates include equipment hire (mixer, speakers, mics etc).

Corporate Gig @ R10 000– 4 hours (45 minute sets with 15 mins between)

Private Party or wedding @R6000 – up to 4 hours. There is no extra charge if you want to use the equipment for playing dance music when my fingers are bleeding and I cannot play anymore. 

These rates are negotiable so send me a mail if you’d like to haggle a bit (music should be free right?)


These are highly variable and negotiable depending on what you want (one guitar with vocals cheaper than 80 piece orchestral composition). In general, I charge R1200 per minute of music. 


* These will not, under any circumstances, ever, for any reason, even if I’m starving, include: It’s raining men, Brown-eyed girl, Mr Jones and ANYTHING by a boyband.