Back to the Bush - Another Year In the Wild

If you’ve ever been to a game reserve you will relate. If you want to laugh, Hendry’s penetrating prose reveals every nation, including South Africans, in all their imperfect glory. And if you simply want to read good South African fiction, I highly recommend Back to the Bush. Amanda Patterson (CEO, writer’s write).

The story, like its predecessor, is set at Sasekile Private Game Reserve – a five-star game lodge and haven for wildlife somewhere in the greater Kruger National Park. There are the inevitable series of lodge hiccups provided by marauding baboons, a one-tusked rogue elephant, a labour protest and a blind-drunk head chef. 

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A year in the Wild 

 ‘A year in the wild is both delicious and deliciously funny. And it gives the most fascinating insight into what goes on behind the scenes of larney lodges…Stephanie Saville, the Witness.

Angus and Hugh MacNaughton are brothers. They dislike each other. A lot.

Combine: an eclectic mix of rich, over-demanding and adulterous guests, a dash of crazy bush staff including two jealous brothers (one a bitterly sarcastic game ranger and the other an over-eager lodge manager) and them in the beauty of the African bushveld. Shake well. Conflict and disaster are inevitable. 

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Whatever you do don't run

‘I love it when books exceed expectations…my favourite story is undoubtedly James Hendry’s Tracker. His descriptions of the taciturn Elvis had me in stitches…Whatever you do don’t run is a must have book if you love the outdoors…’Cape Times, 28/09/2006.

From the hair-raising to the hilarious, Whatever you do don’t run reveals the reality of game ranging as experienced by four very human rangers.

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